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Sooo tired

The weekend was really good.

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I win

This really might actually work out the way I want it to.

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I just applied for an HR job with the city of Seattle. Lots more money, lower employee contribution for health insurance, higher employer contribution for retirement, less stress. Cross your damned fingers.

On drinking

I like drinking. Sometimes I drink too much, but not often. Lately I've seen a rash of fb posts about having a "dry year" or "dry month" or "dry 10 days". I don't get it. I haven't had a drink since NYE. But not because I consciously decided that I need to avoid alcohol, but because I haven't had a reason to have a drink. So I just don't understand announcing to the world that you're not drinking. I'd rather announce when I am drinking. The posts are much more fun. So I'll be drinking wine on Tuesday the 10th. Just sayin'.

There is no sleep.

I woke up sick this morning. Like, want to crawl in a hole and die sick. I stayed home from work today, but I have to go to drill tomorrow. We're not allowed sick days. Like, it would not just a leave without pay day, it would result in action taken against me if I don't go. Which is really dumb, because it's just going to get everyone else sick. If I could I would stay home all weekend and rest. Instead tomorrow I'm going to have to do PT, probably out in the cold. I will complain the entire time.

Otherwise everything is good. Tim and I had dinner at Morton's on NYE, then went to my friend's place for a party and we watched the fireworks at the needle from her parking garage.

Tuesday I'm hosting supper club (as long as I get over this crud by the end of the weekehd) in the rooftop lounge with an amazing view of the city. Then next Saturday he's hosting a wine tasting at his place to which I have been invited along with all of the other friends. We'll see how that one goes.

So other than wanting to take a drill to my sinuses and curl up in a ball for the rest of my life, things are good. Really good. Maybe even really really good.

How much do I love the theater?

Last night was awesome. I wore an ankle length soft grey dress with a pair of crushed velvet red heels. I looked pretty great and hot no fewer than 4 compliments on the shoes.

We went to dinner at Dragonfish, which is not great, but okay and across from the theater. Then we saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch. The guy that played Hedwig is certainly not Neil Patrick Harris, but it was wonderful. Ninety minutes just flew by.

We slept in this morning, which we rarely get to do, one of us usually has to work, then went to Luna Park for brunch. Today was a bit lazy, we watched some premiere league and lounged on the couch before and after brunch. I headed home, then realized that I didn't have my keys. The coat I wore last night had shallow pockets. I assumed they'd fallen out when I laid it over the back of the seat at the Paramount. Tim checked the car and found them on the floorboards, big relief, my work keys are on that ring.

The next night that we've planned together is NYE, but I'm pretty busy between now and then and he'll be flying to Las Vegas on Thursday to Christmas with his family there. So that's okay.

Things are still good!

It must be a record. The match was amazing. A group of Hashers came over, we grilled burgers, had drinks and Jell-O shots, and when our Sounders won the MLS Cup a random dude that I've never met before (friend of a friend) threw me over his shoulder. Good times. And then we went to Hashmas and had a great time. Tim didn't make it to the match, he caught a cold flying back from Dallas, I swear he gets sick almost every time he flies. So he didn't go out to watch the match at all, just stayed on the couch. We texted throughout, and it was good.

Sunday night I went over and he ordered Chinese food while I was en route. We ate, chatted, and watched SNL from the night before. Then I made hot chocolate with marshmallows and peppermint sticks and we cuddled while watching the Princess Bride (both of our favorite movie). It was a very good night. Last night Hickory and I went to trivia in Kirkland, Tim was hosting. It was a good time, but he's still recovering from the cold and wanted to get some sleep so I came home.

I went back to Nordstrom on Monday and bought the dress. It's so amazing. Saturday morning I'm going back to Westlake to find a pair of red shoes that I can wear to Hedwig Saturday night and with the dress for NYE. He's definitely going with me to the party, which surprised me, and he invited me to a party at his house in January with all of his wine friends. Oh, and I finally met Kristen last night (one of his best friends from college). So progress is definitely happening, I think. Right now I'm happy, and that's what's important.

Good times

I'm so tired. But everything is good. I haven't seen Tim in over a week, but we talked Sunday night. He may make it over Saturday for the Sounders match. But he might not. Our next solid plan is for Hedwig on the 17th. I'm okay with that. I'd like to see him more, but we've both been busy, so it hasn't been feasible.

Saturday a bunch of the gang will be over for the match. We'll be grilling burgers and rooting for our guys, then heading to Ballard for Hashmas.

Tonight I went with Nic to see Fantastic Beasts. We met at Westlake and did some window shopping. I'm going back Sunday to buy the hottest dresss that has ever been on my body. It's tighter than anything I've ever worn and looks amazing on me. I'm hoping to wear it on NYE. Now I must get some rest. So much is happening this weekend, I don't think I'm going to get much sleep.

Food coma

Yesterday was wonderful. I went over to a Michelle's around 12:30 and started helping with food prep. At around 2 I went over to the community center to help clean up after their event. Back to Michelle's, more cooking, wine, snacks, friends, a Rottweiler who loved me, and music. After dinner there were card games and pie. I'm still in a food coma. Tim texted, he went home early from his thing and wasn't feeling up to company, he overdid it the night before, apparently.

Today I'm going to help a friend out with her store's Black Friday event and will get a pair of new running shoes for it. Same tomorrow. Then handing out beer at the Seattle marathon on Sunday. Fun times this weekend.

Sounders win!

It was a good game last night. We met outside my place and walked over to the stadium, we didn't really talk at all. Once we got up to club level he got a beer and I got a water. We walked over to a table and he looked at me and said "Hi. I'm sorry". And then the Sounders won the game and we went home together. All is right with the world. Except for the fact that it's a completely inappropriate hour.


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